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6 Relaxation Techniques to Reduce Stress Level

Here We Discuss the Best Techniques to reduce stress level

1: Avoid Yourself from Nicotine,Caffeine, Alcohol

Keep away from any beverages containing alcohol & caffeine, and nicotine. They will increase Your stress level instead of reducing it because nicotine and Caffeine are highly stimulants. By using large quantities of alcohol you will get depressed, but in smaller amounts it works as stimulant. Therefore if you use alcohol to reduce stress level, it will not be helpful ultimately.

Replace alcoholic drinks & caffeinated beverages with water, natural fruit juices and green teas because these will keep you hydrated and empowered enough to coup stress levels.

Try to avoid or reduce amount of refined sugars in meals, as it is found in readymade foods , it may reduce energy level eventually you feel irritable & tired, as a whole you should try to eat fresh healthy, nutritious food & well balanced diet.

2: Engage in Physical Activity

Stress Hormones increases when you face stressful situation, like cortisol & adrenaline in body. These Hormones protect us from immediate threat and they have hardwired into brain. Nowadays, stress hormones is metabolized by physical activities & exercises, which keeps the body & mind calmer. When you feel tiredness or stressful, try to walk in fresh air and indulge in some physical activities and make physical activities a part of your daily routine, if you anticipate in physical activity it will improve your quality of sleep

3: Get Quality Sleep

Lack of sleep is one of the causes of stress, unfortunately some thoughts going through our minds which doesn’t go away eventually it interrupts our sleep and stops us from relaxing which cause lack of sleep.

Try to make your bedroom tranquil oasis with no thoughts that may cause stress, try to avoid yourself from taking caffeine & large amount of alcohol in the evening if you think it could disturb your sleep and increase more stress. Stop any work which is mentally demanding before  you go to sleep so that you calm your brain and get relaxed. Try to read entertainment book or take a warm bath to relax your body. If you keep reading undemanding book it will tire your eyes and gets you sleep and forget everything that worry you. You should fix your daily routine for your sleep and get yourself used to do it so that your body will get used to a fixed bedroom time.

4: Apply Relaxation Techniques

You should apply stress reduction techniques for your stress, there are many tested techniques to minimize stress level, so try  some techniques and see which technique is effective for you.

For instance apply self hypnosis technique which is can be done easily anywhere  in your car at your desk. One simple tip is to choose any word and focus on that word which has very positive meanings to you. Like peace or love or calm which work best or you say self-affirming phrase like “I deserve peace in my life, or Grantt me Peace or Calm in my life. Or I deserve love in my life. In this scenario you have to focus on your selected word or phrase, if some thoughts enters in your mind or makes you worry, or you become aware of irritating thoughts, simply disregard and return to your focused word or phrase. Try to repeat same word if some thoughts still irritates you.

If you find it difficult don’t worry, relaxation is a skills which needs to be practices eventually you will become skilled.

5: Communicate with others

Sharing your thoughts with others reduce stress level. Talking with others not only distract you from irritating thoughts but also release built-up tensions.

Stress can make your decision power very weak, it even makes thought process weaker which is very necessary to make reasonable decision because when you are in stress, it stop you from seeing deeply and clearly. Talking with your colleagues, your friends or elder can help you find solution for stress.

6: Prepare a Stress Diary

Preparing a stress diary for some days is a helpful management tool which helps you to manage & reduce stress  level and find causes of stress that irritates you.

Not Down every single stress moment which you face in your daily life, even date of episodes and causes and note down what were you doing that time, what thoughts irritates  you, why you feel more stress emotionally and physically and how does these thoughts affect your life. This will help you to avoid stressful situation and manage to cope these situation.

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