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This site brings latest piece of information about health, it gives valuable information & more useful articles.

Top 5 Advice to Lower Cholesterol level

lower cholesterol

Changes in life style can lower cholesterol, it prevents you from having cholesterol lowering medication or improve the effects of your medications. Listed below are five changes in lifestyle to truly get you started. Heart disease & heart attacks may increase due to high cholesterol level, cholesterol level can be improved by medications, but if […]

Survive a Heart Attack with a Single Bout of Exercise

survive a heart attack

Here we discuss the latest study which shows you can survive a heart attack with a single bout of exercise. There is lot of proofs that indulging in physical activities and exercise can reduce risk of stroke & heart disease, but the question is when will the exercise start benefiting? You may think it is […]

6 Relaxation Techniques to Reduce Stress Level

Reduce Stress Level

Here We Discuss the Best Techniques to reduce stress level 1: Avoid Yourself from Nicotine,Caffeine, Alcohol Keep away from any beverages containing alcohol & caffeine, and nicotine. They will increase Your stress level instead of reducing it because nicotine and Caffeine are highly stimulants. By using large quantities of alcohol you will get depressed, but […]

Causes of Kidney Disease and Prevention

causes of kidney disease

Causes of Kidney Disease : According to the National Institutes of Health, high blood pressure and diabetes are most common causes of kidney disease. You will be at risk of kidney problem if your family has history of kidney problem. Diabetic nephropathy Hypertension Glomerular disease Hereditary and congenital renal disease Other causes of kidney disease. […]

6 Best Tips to Reduce Risks of Kidney Disease

kidney disease

Kidney Disease is becoming more common nowadays.One out of three Americans has an increased risk of developing renal failure due to a family history of Hypertension, diabetes or renal failure. National Kidney Foundation invites you to learn more about these organs and how to maintain health. In the beginning, most people have two kidneys, but […]

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