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How much do youtubers make- How to Make money on Youtube

How much do youtubers make: Here we discuss the ways how to earn money on youtube, you will learn the potential how much money do youtubers make.

How to create a Youtube channel and make money? Can we earn a  living  from Youtube videos? What are the steps to earn a living  on a YouTube channel?

Creating a Youtube channel and making money is a dream for many teenagers and adults; it is true that this type of activity has advantages:

  • You can work from home,
  • You can express your passion (games, culture, cooking, fashion, health, automobile, computer science, humor, politics …),
  • The initial financial investment is low.

Nowadays youtuber is becoming more Valuable. You will never have to be discouraged. You will have to be regular. You must aim for the long term. If you need income right now, then forget the idea of ​​making money with Youtube. there are more potential in Youtube, if you follow the guidelines you will also learn how much do youtubers make.

Here’s everything you need to know to create a YouTube channel and make money.

Create a Youtube channel and publish it:

Creating a Youtube channel can be a profitable business, if you know how much do youtubers make, you will know the potential of youtube, but there is a big gap between the time of the effort and the moment of financial gain. Therefore you will have to be patient and consistent.

“Many professional youtubers give up in a very short time, due to discouragement.

The first substantial income can be earned after 6 months to 1 year of work if all goes well. Over the course of weeks and months, the quality of your videos will improve and you will gain more experience about what’s pleasing to the public or not. Time will get the things done.

The other qualities needed to make a living on Youtube are:

  • Creativity & Hardwork play important role in making youtube videos
  • To be passionate and to be concerned about work
  • To learn how to be humble toward the people: you will have to constantly try to understand what people like and seek,
  • To be generous: at first, you will indeed give a lot without necessarily having a return,
  • To be regular in his work. Initially, focus on quality and consistency rather than quantity.

Better to make a beautiful video once a week than three videos of poor quality per week.


(Potential of Youtube: How much do youtubers make)

Understand Youtube and its operation.

An question raise in your mind how much do youtubers make, remember Youtube is a platform for uploading videos, accessible to all. Youtube is was a small company founded in 2005 and bought by Google in 2006.

Today, 1.5 billion Internet users regularly visit Youtube. They spend an average of 1 hour per day on the platform, which makes Youtube a potential market .

More than 600 hours of videos are uploaded every minute on the Youtube platform. The platform is still growing exponentially. You can learn 250+ youtube video ideas here.


How does Youtube classify videos? The Youtube ranking system. 

If you want to make money with Youtube, it’s simple: your videos must appear at the top of the list for the keyword concerned.

The ranking system of Youtube videos is very inspired by the Google system (let’s not forget that Youtube belongs to Google); it is based on an internal search engine based on two fundamental elements:

KEYWORDS (keywords): you must use relevant keywords, which is usually searched by people, and search volume should be consistent and growing. You will need to insert your keywords in the title of your videos, in the name of your playlists, in the subtitles, in the descriptions and in the tags , but also in your audio contents as many times as possible, without losing the quality of your texts & making them difficult to read (because Youtube does not like spamming). Feel free to check out the best keyword trends available in the YouTube search engine’s suggestions, in the Trends tab, or on the Google Trends site or Google Adwords.

THE QUALITY OF YOUR CONTENT: As we have seen, Youtube ranks videos according to keywords. But it also quality of the content also evolve the ranking system, to rank at the top of the list of the  videos youtube has automatic and effective parameters to judge the quality of a video, for example:

  • The number of interactions: comments (and keywords in the comments), “likes”, sharing, favorite additions,
  • Watch time: the percentage of the duration of video watched by visitors: this is the retention rate,
  • The number of views per day,
  • The number of backlinks (sites or social networks that publish the link of your video),
  • The authority of your YouTube channel: number of videos published,  number of subscribers, regularity of your content …

It will therefore be necessary to produce videos long enough for the Internet users to have time to interact (comment, like), and short enough for the retention rate to be balanced.

Tags are expressions related to the theme of your video. It is important that you use a large number of tags to multiply the chances of “ranking” your content. For example, if you are posting a video titled Learn English for Kids, Course # 1, you will be able to add the following tags: Kids English Classes, Primary English Classes, CP English Classes, Introductory Lesson English Elementary, Initiation to English Elementary School, and many more. Keep reading and we will bring more updates on How much do youtubers make.


The question is how much do youtubers make? On average, the monetization of youtube for 1000 views varies from 0.5-2 USD depending on the location of the viewers and the target audience. The numbers vary a lot, most channels get an average of $ 0.5 per 1000 views.

This article will show you how you can make money on YouTube and how much you can win. It’s proving, you can win on YouTube. Almost everyone can do it, the only question is how much can you get out of it? Having enough subscribers and viewers is no easy task, especially if you want to make your livelihood, or at least make it your source of pocket money.

Over time, surveys and studies have shown that making money online is a practical way that millions of people use to generate revenue through the monetization of skills, opportunities or talents. Monetizing a skill means that you convert your skills into money. If you want to make money creating and uploading videos, we recommend YouTube. You will need to create dynamic and interesting videos, attract a large number of users to earn money. A good way to start your video would be to use an intro. There are several intro creators available, which would help you to have a high quality intro to give your videos a professional look. Here’s a tutorial on how to create a good intro for YouTube in minutes, without additional knowledge.

YouTube was founded about 10 years ago and has more than 819,417,600 hours of video.

In this article, we will show you how to make money on YouTube and share your experience.

Monetization on your YouTube Channel

To start making money on YouTube, you’ll need to monetize your YouTube channel and link it to an approved AdSense account to get started. Not all videos qualify for monetization, you must meet the video monetization criteria and YouTube advertising formats to qualify for this service. This is the direct way to make money from YouTube videos.

One of the biggest YouTubers is Olga Kay. Recently, in The New York Times, she revealed that she has earned $ 100k – $ 130k on YouTube each year over the past three years. That translates to $ 8,300 – $ 10,800 a month, which, of course, is a good bunch of money! This makes her one of the richest users of YouTube.

To maximize your revenue, you will need to download videos on YouTube that attract a high volume of traffic because you make money when someone posts your video. If you’re wondering “how much do YouTubers average?” Well, they make an average of $ 0.5 -2 for 1k video views. The secret of success is to create very interesting videos for viewers. The salary of a YouTuber varies from one user to another depending on his efforts to make his channel known.

To get more views and make more money on YouTube, you have to market your videos to other sites, such as a personal blog or website, and other social media or video sites. Video integration or link sharing on the Internet increases the chances of getting noticed. Your video marketing campaign must have definite details.

Once you have monetized your content with a high volume of traffic, you can apply to become a YouTube partner. If you have a partnership, you will have access to a wide variety of content creation tools and will have the opportunity to win prizes for the number of views you have. You can apply for membership at any time, but to get the best rated partnership programs you should have accumulated 15k hours in the last 3 months. Before showing your YouTube channel statistics on the app, please be aware of your eligibility.

I guess you may be wondering how many YouTube subscribers you need to make money. Well, it’s not really the number of subscribers that counts, but the number of viewers and YouTube pay per view. However, it makes sense to argue that someone with 10,000 subscribers is more likely to have 1000 points of view than someone with 1,000 subscribers. In addition, advertisers only pay when subscribers click on ads or watch a video for half a minute. This means that if your video gets a million views, but nobody clicks the ads, you will not make money.

You need an active YouTube subscription to get more clicks that will only be possible if you publish catchy and dynamic content, and get a high ranking YouTube that will improve aspects such as visibility when users search for you on YouTube.

YouTube Analytics

YouTube Analytics provides you with a wide range of reports and statistics so you can monitor the progress of your videos and your channel. Data on a variety of YouTube statistics and reports, including traffic sources, clock and demographic reports, are available. You can use your computer or mobile device to view these settings.

YouTube view statistics will update you on your account revenue, and you will only be paid if you fully meet the YouTube payment threshold.

Other Ways to Make Money on YouTube

Throughout the Internet, we find information that making money on YouTube is as easy as posting videos, driving traffic, and earning advertising revenue. This is a myth, because you can hardly generate stable and healthy earnings based solely on YouTube money per image (advertising revenue). Realistically, you only make a few thousand dollars for a million views, and getting a million views is not a simple task. You may eventually realize the need to generate income by other means.

Affiliate Marketing

One of the most common opportunities for making money online is affiliate marketing, but most affiliate marketers do not put enough effort into generating enough revenue. You an imagine how much do youtubers make

Just like most affiliate marketers, you can use static blogs to drive traffic to affiliate links, but you can complement this with an animated and dynamic YouTube channel that you can use as your primary catalyst. The Internet is gradually moving towards video as the main form of content and, by taking this step, you will put forward, and there you will begin to benefit.
In addition to advertising revenue, other ways to make money on YouTube include attracting sponsorships and sponsors, and transitioning to live engagements and sessions.
How are YouTubers Paid?

So, how are you going to be paid on YouTube? Well, no withdrawal options are provided in AdSense and whenever you have more than your minimum threshold (usually $ 100), the money will be paid directly into your bank account each month. In a few countries, AdSense issues controls, but they make direct deposits for most of the countries supported. In this way you can estimate how much do youtubers make.

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