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How to use Portable Wifi & Boost Internet Wifi Signal

Portable Wifi is easily movable, and transferable, you can easily take the Portable Wifi device anywhere, therefore it is called Portable wifi.

Portable Wifi is very convenient when you are busy at work, some companies provides 3g, 4g sims for portable devices.

If you have an internet subscription at home, it is possible to install the wifi connection on your laptop to browse wirelessly.
Very practical, the wifi connection allows you to surf the internet with your laptop, in your couch or garden, without being connected to your box by a cable. Here’s how to install it, in minutes, on Mac or PC.

WiFi and security:
The weak point often cited for the WiFi network is security. Indeed, where a wired network is difficult to piratable, a wireless network can (in theory) be “listened to” because the waves do not stop at the limit of your home.
However to be hacked, it would be necessary for a malicious person to come with a laptop ready for your home to try for example to use your connection … Unlikely!
In addition WiFi standards are increasingly secure, 802.11b and g standards are better secured than the first 802.11a. Several settings allow you to increase the security of your network: do not put yourself in DHCP, enable WEP encryption (key that serves as a password on your network) or filter MAC addresses, machines and devices that have the right to access the network.

Configuration of Wifi on Wifi Router & Portable Wifi Devices

  • Install wifi on Mac

– Go to the Apple menu -> System Preferences -> Network -> Click Activate Airport if needed.

– Open the “Network Name” menu, and look for the name of your internet box (indicated below or on the side).

– You must then type your security key. This personal and secure code is also indicated under your box.

– Click -> Save this network -> OK. Your wifi will connect automatically when you open your computer at home. If the connection is weak, move closer to your internet terminal.

– Tick the option -> Show Airport Status in the menu bar.

– Click the Apply button and close the window.

– The wifi symbol Image search result for “wifi icone” appears on your menu bar, you are connected.

  • PC: install the wifi under Windows 10

– To connect to your Internet Wifi Network, or Portable Wifi network, select the Image Search Result icon for “wifi icon” in the task bar at the bottom of your screen.

– Select the wifi network of your internet box -> click on Connect then enter the security key. Click Next and follow the instructions.

– The wifi icon appears in the taskbar, you are connected.

  • PC: install the wifi under Windows 8.1 (Windows RT 8.1)

– Swipe in the right edge of the screen, go to Settings, click on the wifi icon Search image result for “wifi icon”. The Networks panel opens and lists the possible connections.

– Click on the wifi corresponding to your box, without forgetting to specify “Automatic connection”.

– Enter the security key, click “Next”.

You are now connected to the wifi, the image search result symbol for “wifi icon” appears at the bottom left of the screen in the control bar. If the connection is not made, retype your security key.
• PC: install wifi on Windows 7 and Windows Vista
– Click the Start button, then -> Control Panel.

– Go to Network and Internet click Network and Sharing Center -> Set up a connection or network

– Double-click Connect to the internet. Find your box in the list of available networks and specify the security key.

Boost the signal of your Wifi hotspot with a simple can of beer!

DO IT YOURSELF – If you’re tired of not picking up the Wi-Fi signal from one room to another, here’s how to increase the signal of your Internet box with a simple can. Rest assured, it’s simple as a breeze!

Sometimes it takes a little nothing to change his life radically. Like this little trick that allows you to increase the range of Wi-Fi signal from your Internet box simply by using a can of soda or beer (depending on your tastes). In previous tests, this method would have increased the signal by about “2 to 3 bars” on average. Always try, whatever happens it will only cost you a can!

  •  Prepare the material

Before you start, you obviously need to gather the elements you need to make your Wi-Fi amplifier:

– A can of 500 ml

– A cutter or a knife (with safety catch)

– A pair of resistant scissors

– A roll of chatterton

– A piece of Patafix

  •  Clean the bobbin

Make sure nothing is left inside, then rinse with water. This will prevent you from doing stains on your carpet. Then remove the opening ring.

Remove the base

Once equipped with your cutter, or a knife with a safety catch, cut one end of the bobbin on the side without opening. Pay attention to the sharp edges around the bobbin. You can easily cut yourself with live metal.

  • Cut the opening

Then you have the part that is on the side of the opening, but not completely. Leave a little bit of metal so that the part that will form the base remains attached.

  • Split it in half

Cut the bobbin in a straight line in the direction of the height, opposite the metal end attaching the base. Carefully, move the piece of metal out of the middle, folding it until it becomes a kind of satellite dish.

  • Protect the edges

You can use chatterton to cover the edges, and thus avoid a cut.

  • Place the amplifier

Position it so that the antenna passes through the opening, and stick the base of the bobbin to your Internet box with a small piece of Patafix.,in this way you can strengthen your wifi modem

  • Test your Wi-Fi signal

Now is the time to test how much your wifi signal is now amplified!

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