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Project Fi New Pricing Plan – Project Fi Latest Announcement

Project Fi is a mobile Virtual network operators which is provided by Google, and it provides phone, messaging and Data Service via Wi-Fi & cellular networks which belongs to US cellular, Three, T-Mobile, Sprint, this service was launched on 22th April 2015 for nexus 6, this service was provided through invitation system, but this system ended at march 2016, then additional services for pixel and pixel L smartphones were introduced.

Project Fi

Project Fi has special capability to switch between different networks, which means it  keeps moving to network which has good signals, it connects to Wi-Fi hotspot via automatic vpn, phone calls smoothly transition between mobile network and Wi-Fi, project fi is providing services to more than 135 countries in the world.

This service is provided on flat rate basis which means users have to pay $20 for subscription charges which provides unlimited phone calls and messaging service, and additional $10 per Gig for Data service, the special thing is money is credited back to user’s account in exchange with Unused Data, if overused, the additional $10 is charged for additional Gig, but unused data is credited back to the account, it has also Group Plan where user can add members to the subscription plan, and $15 is charged per user, in this package users are given facility to get data notification and monthly allowances and it allows user to pause the data any time, only data sim card can be used on supported tablets.

Should Project fi support only project fi phones

Project fi has received good feedback so far from critics, critics have tested the data service for 6 months and they praised the service quality, especially for money back policy for unused data.

They also enjoyed shifting between cellular networks & Wi-Fi, and one critic has also experienced customer service and he praised, however critics suggests that this service should not be provided for limited project fi phones, because this service is useless for those who have not supported project fi phones.

Project Fi New Pricing Plan

Now Google announced that instead of taking $20 monthly for phone calls & messaging and $10 per Gig, it will charge $60 monthly which provides unlimited phone calls & messaging including unlimited Data Service.

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