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Survive a Heart Attack with a Single Bout of Exercise

Here we discuss the latest study which shows you can survive a heart attack with a single bout of exercise.

There is lot of proofs that indulging in physical activities and exercise can reduce risk of stroke & heart disease, but the question is when will the exercise start benefiting? You may think it is after days, weeks, or months, once you lost some weights or reduced cholesterol in your body. But Our latest evidence proves that a single workout is enough to protect you from heart disease immediately.

This opinion is circulated commonly among the people even healthcare professionals that the exercise protect from heart disease by reducing the body weight, cholesterol level, body fat & insulin level. But it may take many days or weeks even months for these risks to be reduced by exercise, and often its effects are modest. However we have found in our studies that One session of the Exercise makes the heart survive a heart attack & other heart related disease.

Researchers have analyzed in their studies to see if that exercise can reduce the risk of cardiac attack. We examined those researches  where scientist induced heart attack in the body of rodents by blocking 1 Artery then they analyzed those effects, in simple word they analyzed how many tissues died.

The Healthcare Researches examined the animals after exercise and the animals after the rest, and study shows that animals after the exercise have smaller heart attack than those animals after the rest for some periods. and the studies also shows that effects of one bout of exercise remains for several days, the conclusion is that one bout of exercise has the ability to save the heart for several days.

For the Medical reasons these experiments can be done in humans, so studies in human can be performed in other ways.

It is commonly believed when some one exercise , the blood borne substance is released from the human body which is responsible for heart attack, another experiment was conducted where the blood was taken from people after performing exercise and after a session of rest , and the blood was circulated in the blood vessels of rabbits hearts, which results in blocking one artery of rabbits and starting to get heart strokes.

This result shows that the category of rabbits which have blood from human after performing the exercise had smaller size heart attack that those rabbits which have bloods from human after the session of rest. Finally it proves the single session of exercise can reduce the risk of heart attack. and you can survive a heart attack with the exercise.

The Study also shows remarkable benefits in other risk factors of heart attack such as blood pressure, cholesterol, body weight, when you regularly exercise it means you gets immediate protection for your heart, but this should be noted, one exercise doesn’t mean you gets protection forever, after some days you should start exercising.

Rehabilitation Exercise

Rehabilitation is special exercise which is often performed before heart surgery, health care specialist often advice such exercises before heart surgery and after heart surgery, a few structured and supervised exercise session may be carried out  which gives significant benefits . This type of rehabilitation can reduce mortality rate resulting in fast recovery of health and wellness provided that patients are able to exercise. This latest result provides the evidence that exercise can provide benefits in short term and long term if it is performed, so don’t just let the four or five days go without exercising.

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