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Top 5 Advice to Lower Cholesterol level

Changes in life style can lower cholesterol, it prevents you from having cholesterol lowering medication or improve the effects of your medications.
Listed below are five changes in lifestyle to truly get you started.
Heart disease & heart attacks may increase due to high cholesterol level, cholesterol level can be improved by medications, but if you’d like to first make changes in lifestyle to lower your cholesterol, try to follow these five tips, if you take medicine already these changes can enhance their cholesterol lowering effect.

1: Eat Heart Friendly Foods

Even though you have many years of unsafe eating under your belt, making some changes in what you eat can lower cholesterol and increase your heart health.
Take healthier body fat: fats found in milk products and red meats increase your overall cholesterol & LDL cholesterol known as bed cholesterol.ideally you should get less than 7% of your daily calories from saturated fat. Include low- fat dairy and leaner cuts of meat and monounsaturated fats that are found in canola natural oils and olive oil
Get rid of Trans fats, trans fats have an effect on cholesterol levels because it increase bed cholesterol & decrease good cholesterol. This bed combo increase the risk factors of heart problems.Many commercial products and fried foods have Trans fats,for example snack cackes, crackers and cookies.but don’t trust the on products that are tagged” trans fat-free.’’ in US.if the foods includes less than 0.5 gm of trans fats it could be tagged “trans fat-free.”
Even smaller amount of trans fats can can increase cholesterol if you continue to eat those foods which have smaller amount of trans-fats. Look carefully at ingredient list and avoid foods which includes hydrogenated oils.
Have foods rich in omega 3: Omega 3 fatty acids do’t have impact on LDL provides heart benefits because it increases good cholesterol and high density lipoprotein and also reduce a type of fat known as tryglycerides in blood and reduce blood pressure, some seafoods like herring, mackerel, salmon have lot of omega-3 fatty acids.There are other sources of omega 3 fatty acids like almonds, walnuts and ground flaxseeds.

Increase Dietary fiber. Fiber has to types, Soluble and insoluble, but both of them have healthy benefits for heart, soluble fiber decrease LDL levels, you can include soluble fiber in your diet by consuming oat bran, and oats, beans, lentils, vegetables and fruits.

Include Whey protein.  There are two great source of protein, whey protein and dairy protein, whey protein is counted a great source next to the dairy.Studies have proved that whey protein may be given as a supplement to decrease ldl and overall cholesterol level.

You can easily find whey protein in grocery store or health food store and make sure to read the guidelines on package how to utilize them.

2: Exercise to Lower Cholesterol :

To boost your physical activity make sure to exercise all the days or nights  Exercise & Modest physical activity Lower Cholesterol & help increase high density liproprotein cholesterol which is good cholesterol. With your doctor’s consultation exercise at least 30 minutes a day.

You can lose weight by adding physical exercise and with 10 minutes interval several times a day.., just make sure to change your lifestyle which is important for healthy life. Consider:

Take fast daily walk in lunch hour

Ride your bicycle to work

Play your favorite sport

Going for swimming laps

To stay physical active you have to join any fitness group or fitness buddy, please note, any activity is effective. Even going via stairts rather than the elevator or performing a some situps while watching the tv is very helpful.

3: Stop Smoking

If you smoke cigars, stop, preventing yourself from smoking can better your HDL cholesterol level and will have more benefits.

Within 30 minutes of avoiding,  your blood pressure & heart rate decline. Within 12 months your risk of heart disease is half of the smoker. in 15 years your heart disease rate will be similar to person who never smoked.

4: Lose Weight

Losing the few extra weight can Lower Cholesterol , if you lose 5 to 10 percent of weight you can maintain good cholesterol level.

Start by analyzing your diet plan and daily routine. Prepare yourself for weight loss challenge and try to overcome them.

Small changes can make difference, for example when you are frustrated or bored, try to walk instead of eating, if you buy fast food for lunch it is better to take healthier foods from home. You can take carrot sticks or airpopped snacks rather than potato chips, never try to eat mindlessly. Emotionally eating is best to control.

Check out other ways to include more activity into the daily life routine. Utilizing the stairs rather than taking the elevators or car parking farther from workplace.

5: Avoid Drinking alcohol

Alcohol can cause many risk factors for health like high blood pressure, heart stroke and other heart disease, so preventing yourself from having alcohol can make a difference in your life, it makes Lower Cholesterol level and  balanced, as many research shows that drinking alcohol leads to serious health problems.

If life changing don’t make difference what to do?

This question arises from the common people who want to make lifestyle changes, so the answer is, don’t be disappointed if you don’t get the result, try to consult your doctor who can prescribe the medications for lowering your cholesterol but keep continue making  life style changes as well as medications, because if you don’t change your lifestyle, medicines don’t  give you optimum result therefore making changing in your lifestyle is necessary to get the desired result and it will decrease your need towards medication.

Updated: January 9, 2018 — 4:42 pm

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