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World Best Free Open Internet Vpn pptp Cyberghost L2TP TCP

Here we discuss World Best Free Open Internet Vpn pptp Cyberghost L2TP TCP & Configuration. For US, Uk & Other Countries

This category is dedicated only to vpn for Iphone. Here you will find all the information you are looking for using, setting up and installing a vpn on your Iphone. The iphone is a smartphone signed Apple. It currently holds a significant share in the global market of high-end smartphones. Equipped with an IOS operating system, this range of phones also needs a vpn to secure the Internet connection of its user.

VPN is a service that encrypts all computer packages exchanged over the Internet. Without this private tunneling system, sensitive user data can be easily decrypted by hackers. If you are looking for a quality vpn for your Iphone, you are in the right section. Here you will find in a few clicks the best vpn recommended for your device.

The iphone needs a vpn that offers a high encryption rate, a vpn that gives access to many vpn servers in the world or a vpn ultra fast. If you are looking for an effective way to be completely anonymous on the web with your Iphone? We can also help you because in this page you will find many articles that detail how to change IP with vpn. With your new IP address, you will not leave any personal traces on the web. Otherwise if it is to unlock censored sites, you can also browse this category.

Since vpn is able to change your IP, it can also bypass geo-censorship that is based on filtering a series of IP addresses. Feel free to read our many tickets on the circumvention of geo-censorship on the Internet with your smartphone under Ios, regardless of its version. You can choose a free vpn (with some restrictions) or also a paid vpn (unlimited and affordable) according to your needs and your budget.


Install CyberGhost vpn on an Ipad


VPN technology has changed the way surfers surf the internet. From now on, users can surf anonymously and securely on the Internet. With this service, customers will also be able to access their blocked online content in just a few clicks. Whether you are a user or a mobile user, be aware that if you do not use vpn on your connected device, you may lose your confidential and personal data. At the same time, your connection will be limited and the government (or other private organization) will be able to monitor all your online activities. For your Ipad, use Cyberghost vpn. Here is a tutorial that will allow you to set up an efficient and stable vpn configuration in a few clicks.


Recalls on Cyberghost vpn

Cyberghost vpn is a very well known vpn service. It makes available to its customers two types of vpn packages including the free vpn and the paid vpn. If it is for secondary use, use the free version. Otherwise, the paid version is the most complete and is available from 49.99 dollars / year (PREMIUM) and 79.99 dollars per year (PREMIUM PLUS). Here are the details of Cyberghost vpn service prices:

Free Cyberghost: As the name suggests, this offer is free. However, it is characterized by unlimited bandwidth, unlimited traffic and a vpn service that disconnects every 5 hours. This is the restriction imposed with the limitation of the number of vpn servers made available to the user. The supported vpn protocols are PPTP, L2TP, and Open vpn.

Cyberghost premium vpn: this package is no longer free. Its price is 44.99 dollars a year and it includes all the features of the free vpn with many improvements. For this package: unlimited bandwidth, access to different Cyberghost servers, anti-fingerprints system, 256-bit encryption … etc.

CyberGhost Premium Plus: this package will allow you to connect 5 devices at a time. Here are its main features: Unlimited bandwidth, Mobile applications designed for IOS and Android, 256-bit encryption, compatible vpn protocols: Open vpn, PPTP and L2TP. Its price is $ 79.99 a month.

Cyberghost vpn configuration on an Ipad


Note that to install Cyberghost vpn on your Ipad, the user will have the choice between automatic configuration with the client software available on the Apple Store or manually set up their virtual private network. In this case, here are the steps to follow:

Access the menu then “Settings” then “General” then “VPN”.

Open “Add VPN Configuration”.

Name your configuration

Set the network according to the vpn protocol that suits you: PPTP = 128-bit encryption rate, L2TP / IPsec = 256-bit encryption rate.

Save your settings and sign in to secure your connection and access your favorite geo-censored sites in a few clicks. Contact customer support if you have problems.

Install a vpn on an Iphone using the L2TP

Internet is currently used by more than 3 billion people. It is a large network that connects professionals, individuals, teens and also children who know how to handle computers or connected mobile devices. Very useful for their daily lives, the web is nevertheless threatened by online hacking. Moreover, its use is still very limited in many countries. To deal with these threats, it is necessary to use a vpn service or virtual private network.

With this system, you will have a new IP address and at the same time, your connection will be encrypted up to 2048 bits depending on the type of vpn protocol you are using.


Note that vpn is compatible with all platforms equipped with an Internet connection option. Whether it’s a computer or a mobile device, you can always install a vpn on it. In the case of an Iphone (best vpn for Iphone), the vpn protocols easier to configure manually are PPTP and L2TP. In this tutorial, we chose the L2TP which is a very powerful data encryption system. It is an evolution of the PPTP and it provides a 256 bit encryption rate.

World Best Free Open Internet Vpn pptp Cyberghost L2TP TCP


To get started, go to your Iphone settings

Then click on General and then Network

You can now add a vpn. To do this, add a new vpn profile using the dedicated menu

Name your configuration and in this tutorial we used the name L2TP vpn.

To fill empty fields, ask your provider vpn for the configuration information if they were not sent to your mailbox when you registered.

Register your new profile

To connect to the network, use the credentials provided by your VPN provider

Do not forget to check “remember my information” to connect automatically thereafter.

Hidemyass: Best vpn for Iphone


For your Iphone, we recommend you to use a quality paid VPN like Hidemyass. If you choose a free vpn, you will face many restrictions (bandwidth limitations, connection time limitations or downloadable data volume … etc). With Hidemyass you will enjoy many advantages of which the best known and most appreciated are:

Unlimited connection time. Hidemyass is indeed an unlimited vpn service.

Hidemyass currently has more than 885 high-end vpn servers located in more than 160 countries worldwide. It is perfect for unblocking geo-censored sites around the world.

HMA pro vpn is a very easy to install software. It is available in version for Android and also for Ios. Go to your application “Market” to download it.

HMA is affordable in terms of price: $ 6.5 a month.

Hidemyass offers more than 120,000 anonymous IP addresses

PPTP vpn on an Iphone

The Internet currently connects more than 2.9 billion internet users, of whom approximately 450,000 are hackers. They monitor everything internet users do on the web and wait for them to make mistakes and enjoy it later. The most common mistake made by a user is the non-secure internet connection. And yet, if it is not encrypted, it can be easily decrypted using software that can be found in a few clicks on the web. To remedy this, use a vpn or a virtual private network. This system will allow users to protect their sensitive and confidential information.


The vpn supports all platforms with an Internet connection option. Whether it’s a computer, a tablet PC or a smartphone, you can always set up a virtual private network on it. In the case of an iPhone, the PPTP can be used to set up this service for securing online computer data. This protocol vpn is very reliable and it adapts perfectly to the mobile use. Its encryption rate is 128 bits and it can be configured in a few clicks.

Steps to follow

To get started, go to the Menu option of your Iphone

Then go to the General menu and then Network
Thanks to the menu: Add a vpn, you can add a new profile vpn
Give a name to your vpn configuration. In our tutorial we chose Vpn PPTP not to be confused with other vpn configured using other vpn protocols.
Information about your vpn server is available from your vpn service provider. Which means that to get them, you should subscribe to an offer or service.
Two vpn protocols are available: PPTP and L2TP. For a fast vpn connection, opt for the PPTP.
Save your new profile
To log in, go to your new configuration and use your authentication credentials. They are also provided by the provider vpn.
Check “remember my information” so that all your next login is done automatically.

HMA: Best vpn for Iphone

For your Iphone, we recommend that you call HideMyAss vpn. It supports the PPTP vpn protocol and it is also configured in a few clicks. Many are its many advantages:

It currently has more than 700 vpn servers in over 91 countries worldwide. This feature is essential to gain access to many geo-censored sites around the world.
It supports other vpn protocols such as L2TP and Open vpn, which are also very reliable.
Its price is very affordable: 6.55 dollars per month. Compared to the quality of its services, such a price is very competitive
It puts at the disposal of its customers a very professional and very available customer support.

We will bring more updates about World Best Free Open Internet Vpn pptp Cyberghost L2TP TCP, so keep reading.

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